Student Photographs


When uploading a photograph for the purposes of producing your ITS Student card, you, as a student, will;

  • Ensure that the photograph you are uploading is an acceptable form of identification i.e. the photograph verifies your personal identity similar to a passport or driving license photograph. When taking your photograph, please refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs website for guidelines.


Upon receipt of your ITS Student card, you as a student, will;

  • Accept responsibility for your ITS student card.  Conditions of use of this card can be found in the current edition of the Student Support Services Handbook.
  • Ensure that your ITS student card is retained solely for your own use.
  • Be aware that your ITS student card is the property of IT, Sligo and can be recalled at any time.
  • Always carry your ITS student card while on the ITS campus.
  • Present your ITS student card whenever requested to do so by a member of ITS staff. A member of staff is also entitled to retain the card if they feel it necessary.
  • Be aware that refusal to provide a ITS student card when so instructed is a disciplinary offence.
  • Be aware that if your ITS student card is lost or stolen,  the ITS Library can replace the card but this may be subject to a replacement fee being applied.
  • Be aware that if an ITS student card is found (other than by the owner), it should be returned immediately to The Registrar, Institute of Technology, Sligo, Ireland.